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Data and Document Collection

Crafted for the effortless management of vast volumes of supplier data. With unmatched scalability, Infer streamlines the data intake process, enabling seamless handling of supplier information on a grand scale. Say goodbye to the challenges of dealing with overwhelming data, as Infer empowers you to efficiently organize supplier data in ways previously unattainable.


Unstructured Data and Email Queries

Easily derive valuable insights from unstructured email information. With unmatched accuracy, Inquery enables you to quickly explore extensive email archives, revealing concealed trends and crucial details. Bid farewell to sorting through never-ending conversations – Inquery simplifies the procedure, converting disorganized data into actionable knowledge, completely changing how you utilize email data.


Claim Management

A dynamic and innovative solution designed to streamline the entire claims management process. With its user-friendly interface, Claimsweb effortlessly centralizes communication, tracks progress, and expedites the resolution of claims. Experience a new level of efficiency as you manage claims seamlessly, fostering collaboration and ensuring timely resolutions like never before.


AP Assurance and Payment Integrity

Your ultimate solution for seamless AP reconciliation and pinpointing duplicate payments. With its advanced capabilities, Recoverease streamlines the accounts payable process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to effortless financial management. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Recoverease empowers you to effortlessly identify discrepancies, eliminate duplicates, and maintain impeccable financial records. Experience hassle-free reconciliation like never before with Recoverease.

What are people saying?

I very much appreciate our partnership with Auditec… (Auditec) does great work for us and, honestly, is helping us understand how things are going.

Director GNFR Contract Compliance Audit


Overall, I trust (Auditec's) professionalism and trust (them) to represent Crestone in a way that is consistent with how we treat our vendors. Respectful. With Integrity. Having that professionalism is really important.

Crestone Peak Resources

Sourcing Manager