Recovery Audit. Simplified.

What is a Recovery Audit?

A recovery audit is a process of examining an organization's financial transactions to identify any overpayments, duplicate payments, or under-deductions that may have occurred. The goal of a recovery audit is to recover any funds that were incorrectly disbursed, which can help improve an organization's financial health and reduce future losses.


Accounts Payable (AP) Recovery Audit

A non-merchansise (GNFR) accounts payable recovery audit is a comprehensive process that helps businesses identify and recover financial discrepancies and errors in their non-product-related expenditures. By conducting this audit, companies can optimize their cash flow, reduce costs, and improve overall financial efficiency.


Accounts Payable (AP) Recovery Audit

A retail accounts payable recovery audit is a financial investigation process that helps retailers identify and recover overpaid or duplicate payments to their vendors. It optimizes financial efficiency and maximizes cost savings by ensuring accurate vendor billing and payment reconciliation.

Contract Compliance

Recovery Audit

A contact compliance recovery audit is a comprehensive review process that ensures contractual obligations are met and identifies potential financial recoveries. Maximize contract compliance and recoup missed revenue with our contact compliance recovery audit services.


Recovery Audit

A construction audit is a review of the various components of a construction project or projects focused on ensuring that contract terms are being followed and that contractors and/or subcontractors are operating appropriately. This specialized contract compliance audit service is utilized to keep construction costs in line.

What are people saying?

I very much appreciate our partnership with Auditec… (Auditec) does great work for us and, honestly, is helping us understand how things are going.

Director GNFR Contract Compliance Audit


Overall, I trust (Auditec's) professionalism and trust (them) to represent Crestone in a way that is consistent with how we treat our vendors. Respectful. With Integrity. Having that professionalism is really important.

Crestone Peak Resources

Sourcing Manager


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