A Tactical Approach to Profit Recovery

S.W.A.T (Strategic Working Audit Team) is the evolution of the recovery audit industry. S.W.A.T is what sets us apart from other firms in our industry. We take advantage of a larger audit team equipped with better tools and a more comprehensive

AudiTec has the ability to put 60 auditors on every engagement, regardless of a company’s size. Our audit team works in an open, team-oriented environment which promotes collaboration and in-depth review of your payables.

for an audit your way.

It’s imperative to find a recovery audit firm that adapts to your business – not the other way around. The key to your success is finding a firm with flexibility: flexible to your way of business; your industry; and your data.

At AudiTec solutions, we build a custom audit plan for our clients. This attention to detail from the on-boarding process through post audit reporting provides a superior customer service experience for both our clients and our clients’

any size. any industry.