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Recovery Audit. Simplified.

Auditec was built on the premise that the recovery audit industry needed a cleaner and simpler delivery model. Auditec delivers this superior delivery through a cross-functional service center located in Gilbert, Arizona. This centralized approach results in higher-quality claims and ultimately a better audit experience for our clients and their vendors/suppliers.

Our Leadership Team

Ben Evans, CPA


Luke Green

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Brown

Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Cory Chandler

Founder, Executive Vice President, Global Accounts

Brigitte Stamp

Managing Director, Accounts Payable Audit

Ryan Worthen, MBA, CPA

Managing Director, Contract Compliance Audit

Jeff Ebert, JD

Managing Director, Supplier Audit

Caitlin Secrest

Managing Director, Audit Communication Services

Daniel Bircher

Managing Director, Information Systems & Technology

Todd Dittrich

Managing Director, Commercial Audit Services

Our Management Team

Maribel De La Rosa

Supplier Audit Manager

Lyndsey Lyon

Retail Audit Manager

Jeremy Love

Application Development Manager

Joe Jacenko

Retail Audit Manager

Michele Miska

Director, Contract Compliance

Ryan Barker, CFE, CCA

Director, Contract Compliance

Damon Lindeman

Business Development Executive