S.W.A.T – Strategic Working Audit Team – “We put an army on your audit”

S.W.A.T is the evolution of the recovery audit industry. S.W.A.T is what sets us apart from other firms in our industry. We take advantage of a larger audit team equipped with better tools and a more comprehensive environment.

How is S.W.A.T different?:

– We put an army on your audit: AudiTec has the ability to put 60 auditors on every engagement, regardless of a company’s size. Our audit team works in an open, team-oriented environment which promotes collaboration and in-depth review of your payables.

– Unique, client-friendly compensation: AudiTec’s Salary-Plus approach fosters the sharing of ideas and encourages a more ethical approach to our clients’ audits. This results in a higher quality of claims and a much lower repay rate for our audits. We never “write a claim and see if it sticks.”

Our approach creates a client-focused audit with emphasis on open communication, customer service, and client/vendor satisfaction.

– A Centralized, US-Based Audit Center: Located in Gilbert, AZ, all auditors are employees of AudiTec. No portion of our clients’ audits are offshored, or contracted out.

– Get an A-List Audit: Your audit deserves an extensive and thorough review, regardless of your company’s size. We never put a couple of regional auditors on an audit – S.W.A.T is for every client. It’s why we consistently recover more dollars than our competition.

– Robust Audit Tools: ClaimsWeb is a web-based communication tool built specifically for the recovery audit industry. ClaimsWeb allows our clients to see their audit in real-time, communicate with our audit team, and most importantly – completely eliminates paper claims from the audit. ClaimsWeb brings our centralized audit center directly to you.