ClaimsWeb™ is a web-based communication tool designed to provide our clients with the ability to monitor and manage their cost recovery audit engagements in real-time. Companies now have access to a their claims, audit staff communication and status of their audit as it’s being performed. It is one of the most robust and comprehensive pieces of software written for the industry.

ClaimsWeb provides businesses with access to advanced features designed to simplify the management of the audit engagement. Businesses can now review, approve, deny, and make comments regarding claims as they are being processed. ClaimsWeb™ also contains advanced reporting capabilities designed to help better manage the audit engagement. In addition to the standard reports, limitless customizable reports can be created using the advanced sorting and querying features. In an effort to further streamline the audit process, ClaimWeb also provides clients with the ability to submit claims directly to their vendors from the system.

As the cost recovery industry continues to mature, and audit cycles continue to shorten, the need for a quicker and easier way to distribute claim information has increased. ClaimsWeb™ effectively addresses these needs and begins the next step in client communication and audit process flow.