Each year companies process millions of transactions which inevitably result in a small percentage of errors. While these errors may seem small, the cumulative effect costs millions of dollars. Poor communication, human error, and misinterpretation can result in significant vendor overpayments and under-deductions.

A cost recovery audit performed by AudiTec Solutions will ensure that these losses are identified and recovered.

Our team of auditors, analysts and programmers will work together to perform comprehensive review of your payable transactions. Our review will address a variety of categories including:

● Pricing Statements

● Promo pricing

● Cash discount

● Volume allowances

● Chargebacks

● Pricing on returns

● Defective allowances

● New store allowance

● Warehouse allowances

● Compliance issues

● Expense audit

● Trade discount

● EDI discount

● Paid credit memos

● Vendor subsidies

● Duplicate payments

● Erroneous payments

● Freight on returns

● Co-op advertising

● Buyer file audit

● Email auditing

We provide our findings in real-time format that’s available 24/7 via ClaimsWeb. You can instantly see anything and everything involving your AP audit, and learn how to improve your AP processes moving forward.