AudiTec Solutions has defined itself as an innovative recovery audit firm in an industry that has evolved little over the years. What makes us different is S.W.A.T – our Strategic Working Audit Team. Our audit model provides our clients with a more precise, thorough, and accelerated audit. We write more quality claims and get money back to our clients more quickly. Your audit deserves a thorough review regardless of your company’s size. Our 60-auditor team works together on every engagement, and is why we recover more dollars than other firms.

Founded in 2002, AudiTec Solutions represents determination and focus. Our Gilbert-based company has rapidly grown into a multifaceted accounts payable auditing firm helping companies both large and small to identify and recoup lost profits due to overpayments, under-deductions, duplicate payments or vendor pricing errors. With decades of combined experience, our auditing team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies including retailers, health care providers, banks, grocers and wholesalers.